About the Site

Founder: Mouza
Staff: Kaci, BeckySandra.
Domains: teamshevine.com / adam-levine.net / adam-levine.org
Site Name: Team Shevine Network
Online Since: September 21st, 2015
Contact: eMail Site

Who is managing the website?
My name is Mouza, fangirl at heart. Reader & writer who doesn’t take life too seriously.

I’m the overall admin on the site. Kaci is going to be in charge of managing the gallery when I’m being lazy, because she loves creating albums and I don’t. Sandra & Becky help with the site social media acounts (twitter, facebook & tumblr)

Why did you create the site?
To show my support for Adam & Blake and their careers.

Why did you delete the site the first time?
I was very overwhelmed with the amount of work the site required and started getting behind on my work which caused a huge amount of stress that started effecting my everyday life. The only reason I brought the site back, beside my obvious love for the boys, is that I got someone on board with me so hopefully updating the site will run smoothly this time.