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Fic: Easy Like Sunday Morning


Title: Easy Like Sunday Morning (1,467 words)
Author: allouette
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Adam Levine/Blake Shelton
Additional Tags: Fluff
“What’re you doin’?”

Adam jumps out of his skin at the sound of Blake’s voice and spins on his heels, spatula clutched to his chest. “I was just—”

“D’you know what time it is?”

“Too fucking early.”

Interviewer: I interviewed Blake yesterday, I asked him what question he would like me to ask you.
Adam: Can I guess what it is?
itsclolostinstereo said:
❝ Seems to me like Adam really wants Blake drunk ;) ❞

I just watched that part and I am not ok.. Let’s see if I can make some GIFs.. 

I’ve lost all kind of inspiration for shevine lately because of personal and other fandom problems..

But the season 7 promos are making me excited again so I’m hoping to start working on the site and blog again.


I asked this question and this is what mickey said!!!!! AHHHHHHHH


I asked this question and this is what mickey said!!!!! AHHHHHHHH




• Blake backstage, sweaty and backwards hat
Adam and Blake sandwiched Carson.. Kissing and nuzzling
• 1st break Blake ran to Adam
• 2nd break Adam ran to Blake, threw his notebook, kicked his chair
• Every break after they ran to each other’s chairs
• Adam talking about his squirrelly ass voice, “Captain SS squirrel high voice”
• Adam telling Blake he was going to the back
• Blake telling Adam he was going to the back, Adam saying no and then Blake saying I quit
• Blake checking in as soon as he got back
• Blake getting out of his seat specifically to take a picture of Adam and sitting back down
• Gary telling the makeup people to clear the set, Carson telling them that there was no hope for Blake.. They’ve done everything they could to make him look human.. Adam acting like he was gonna punch and kick Carson
• Adam and Blake bickering, Gwen playing mediator
• Blake saying the people on stage were distracting cause they were is good looking, and told the guy he was more distracting
• Blake hitting on Adam’s team and Adam saying “quit hitting on my team” over and over and calling security and Blake telling Adam they made him want to buy wine, take a bubble bath and pour hot wax from the candles down his back
• Adam saying “I never know what he’s saying..” And calling Blake crazy
• Adam leaning all the way out of his seat to listen to what Blake was telling him
• Blake messing up some shoot and Adam saying he was gonna stab him
• Adam on stage taking a picture and Blake and Adams friend trying to make him laugh.. “Look at that jackass standing up there”
• Adam flipping Blake off
• Adam acting like he was punching the camera
• Adam doing the robot
• All four on stage, Adam keeps moving to be by Blake while lady is trying to do his makeup, Gary separating them
• Blake being a little shit with Gary, “10-4” and “BOR-RING”